Dear Tumbleweed users and hackers,

Dominique has been enjoying a vacation these last two weeks and left Tumbleweed in my hands. It’s been quite an interesting fortnight.

These two weeks have only seen 3 snapshots released, numbered 0807, 0810 and 0817. Snapshots 0811, 0812, 0816 and 0818 were all produced but discarded for a number of reasons including:

  • DVD ISO grew too big (twice!)
  • Random vim build failure produced an amusingly broken snapshot
  • And probably a few other bits and pieces I’m forgetting now

Plus on a personal note this was the fortnight I moved house so I wasn’t able to fix all the issues as fast as normal when they came up. Thanks for everyone’s patience and understanding

The changes delivered these weeks included:

  • kernel 5.13.8
  • KDE Gear 21.08
  • apparmor 3.0.3
  • vim 8.2.3318
  • And lots of other miscellaneous fixes

The future, near or far, will bring those updates:

  • kernel 5.13.12 (Currently being tested in 0819)
  • systemd v249.2
  • nodejs 16.6.2
  • glibc 2.34
  • podman & crio with crun enabled by default
  • and many more…

Have a lot of fun!

– Richard