Dear Tumbleweed users and hackers,

Some weeks, snapshots just fall out of OBS and pass openQA without issues, other weeks cause a bit more trouble and some snapshots are decided to be discarded. But hey, that is exactly what we have openQA for, isn’t it? So, since my last review, only 2 snapshots have seen the light of day: 1125 and 1129. But as usual, if there is a gap, it only means issues from one snapshot are getting fixed in the next one until it is back in a stage where we can release it to the users.

The important/interesting changes that happened in those two snapshots were:

  • Linux kernel 4.14.1 and 4.14.2 (yes, two snapshots, both bring a new kernel. crazy!)
  • OpenSSL 1.1 is now the default for the distribution. This might cause some update problems, especially if you have development packages installed. The recommendation is to let zypper remove libopenssl-1_0_0-devel (so it can upgrade to 1.1). Depending on what you’re developing for, you might get other issues reported (for example libQT4-devel, as Qt4 does not support openSSL1.1 and never will)
  • SCons build system now uses python3 as the interpreter. This can cause some build failures if you SConscript is not python3 compatible.
  • PostgreSQL 10 has landed

And the staging areas are full, those things are brewing:

  • Qt 5.9.3
  • More packages moving to python3 (minimizing the python2 usage)
  • Linux Kernel 4.14.3
  • YaST’s libstorage-ng implementation

An additional note for packagers: As you are aware, the variable suse_version is used to distinguish between the various openSUSE versions. On December 1st 2017, openSUSE Tumbleweed changed suse_version from 1330 to 1550. Please see the announcement mail on the mailing list.