Dear Tumbleweed users and hackers,

Week 48 brought three snapshots – the content of 20151118 has been well advertised in last weeks review already (as a small preview, as it was so close to completion).

I will repeat it’s items this time around, as they were factually only released after the last weeks report.

So, this week we received:

  • Switch of the default fonts to Roboto for Sans and Serif families and Source Code Pro for Monospace
  • Ghostscript 9.18
  • X.Org 1.18 – at this point again a warning: AMDs fglrx driver is not supporting this yet
  • Mesa 11.0.5 – with a bunch of crash fixes
  • AppStream-glib was updated to 0.5.2 – this is a minor update with significant impact on the AppStream meta data generation: newly, only packages with an appdata.xml file are considered. Attempted auto-conversion from .desktop files no longer happens (it resulted in badly represented applications). This means we now have much less ‘applications’ as we used to have (see ). If you want to application to show up in GNOME Software (and future Software Centers based on AppStream): act now and add an appdata.xml file to your package
  • Wireshark 2.0 – newly with a Qt interface
  • KDE Framework 5.16.0
  • Plasma 5.4.3
  • GStreamer 1.6.1

Pretty impressive list, considering that this week too was only 7 days long.

In staging, besides regular smaller updates here and there (incl. another Mesa update), the most notable thing at the moment is the change in the kernel packages, as was announced here. XEN will still be supported but no longer will require a special kernel package.

Wish you a great weekend – and always remember to have a lot of fun.