Dear Tumbleweed users and hackers,

The time of the holidays is coming to an end and, at least until my next vacation, I should be able to keep up with weekly reports again. Of course, I am not complaining about having holidays and days off – sometimes stepping away from the computer and doing something unrelated is just the right thing to do (and often leads to good and new ideas). But that means you had to wait an extra week to learn again about all the things going on in openSUSE Tumbleweed. So here we go: during the last two weeks, we have released 4 snapshots. Some changes around AppArmor 4.0 made us hold back a few snapshots, some issues around systemd 255.7, and of course also the holiday which many stretched over a weekend resulting in fewer snapshots even being submitted to QA for testing. The four snapshots published were 0524, 0531, 0605, and 0606)

The most relevant, cumulated changes of those snapshots were:

  • Mesa 24.0.8
  • Mozilla Firefox 126.0.1
  • KDE Gear 24.05.0
  • KDE Plasma 6.0.5
  • AppArmor 4.0.1
  • cURL 8.8.0
  • GNOME 46.2
  • Qt 5.15.14 & 6.7.1
  • Qemu 9.0.0
  • Samba 4.20.1
  • SQLite 3.46.0
  • systemd 255.7
  • Python requests 2.32.2
  • ICU 75.1
  • libvirt 10.4.0

The upcoming snapshots should soon bring us those changes: