Dear Tumbleweed users and hackers,

A very bad thing happened: we missed one snapshot this week! Only 6 out of 7 made it through QA. Snapshot 20221207 has been declined to be published (a python module update broke ansible, and a few more issues). Nevertheless, let’s focus on the positive: you received 6 snapshots to apply on your machine (1202..1206, 1208).

The most interesting changes in those releases were:

  • Mozilla Firefox 107.0.1
  • gtk 3.24.35+10 (upstream version 3.24.35, 10 commits ahead in the git branch)
  • pango 1.50.12
  • rubygem-rspec 3.12.0
  • libX11 downgraded from 1.8.2 to 1.8.1 (boo#1205818, boo#1205778)
  • NetworkManager 1.40.6
  • poppler 22.12.0
  • Podman 4.3.1

Staging projects are currently busy testing the following:

  • Linux kernel 6.0.12
  • KDE Gear 22.12.0
  • protobuf 21.11
  • systems 252.3
  • Python pytest 7.2.0
  • Ruby 3.2 (currently RC) is being tested to become the default ruby version (switch would happen when ruby 3.2 sees a final release)
  • Switch to openSSL 3: tracked in Staging:N, main failures are nodejs18, nodejs19, OpenSSH, mariadb
  • gcc13: the usual 2-phase approach: first (this round) we change the libraries like libgcc, libstdc++, …) to be provided by gcc13. Somewhere down the line, the entire distribution will be rebuilt by that compiler (not scheduled yet)