Dear Tumbleweed users and hackers,

Tumbleweed snapshots are being released stably and reliably. Whenever a snapshot comes out, you know it has gone through extensive testing using openQA. Of course, this is no guarantee that all snapshots are error-free. openQA works on virtual machines based on scripts, so it tests what it is instructed to try (not seldom do we see issues that were not intentionally tested for, but they are ‘happy accidents’). This week, a less fortunate update reached our users that caused some pain for some: The Linux Kernel 6.0.3 managed to break audio for a couple of users (See Kernel 6.0.5 is in the queue and should be published in the next 48 hours and fix those issues.

Of course, not all was broken, and the last 7 days have seen 7 snapshots being published (1021…1027) including these changes:

  • Linux kernel 6.0.3 (Snapshot 1023)
  • GStreamer 1.20.4
  • Switch to NodeJS 19 by default
  • XWayland 22.1.4
  • Mesa 22.2.2
  • Mozilla Firefox 106.0 & 106.0.1
  • Samba 4.17.1 & 4.17.2
  • Systemd 251.6 & 251.7
  • fwupd 1.8.6 (updated from 1.7.10)
  • dbus 1.14.4
  • LibreOffice

Stagings look a bit sad and empty at the moment, but that is mostly due to them passing so quickly. most stagings have a short lifetime these days and are ready to be accepted within 24 hours. Still, there are a few things currently being tested:

  • Linux kernel 6.0.5 (expected latest in snapshot 1029, possibly even in 1028)
  • KDE Plasma 5.26.2
  • Mozilla Thunderbird 102.4.1
  • Mozilla Firefox 106.0.2
  • gpgme 1.18
  • Python 3.10.8 & 3.9.15
  • Python Sphinx 5.3.0
  • Staging:L, the ‘show-me-errors-staging’, currently contains: swig 4.1.0 (breaks llvm and nodejs), git 2.38.1 (breaks python-GitPython), ICU 72.1 (breaks the world, as usual), suse-module-tools 16.0.24 (breaks VirtualBox and vmdk)