Dear Tumbleweed users and hackers,

This is the 2nd last week of the year, many people started leaving for their holiday, but Tumbleweed is rolling and rolling: it does not take a break (but might lower the pace). So last week ‘only’ had 4 snapshots. But then, I wrote last weeks review a day late or, in other words, the week for this review short by one day. These snapshots have been released to the public: 1215, 1216, 1218 and 1220.

For your celebration parties, the snapshots contained these updates:

  • dbus-1.12
  • Linux kernel 4.14.6
  • Qt4 ported to openSSL1.1
  • LLVM 5 (for now, LLVM4 is still in the repo, but that’s a question of time)
  • KDE Applications 17.12.0: an issue with kmail sending out mail over smtps was identified late. A fix has been published in the update channel.
  • cmake 3.10.1

Looking at stagings, one can observe quite some more things shaping up (some are a bit longer standing, as they are more complex):

  • RPM 4.14
  • openJDK 10 will be used to build the distro packages (starting with 1222)
  • Qt 5.10 (expected in snapshot 1223+)
  • Linux kernel 4.14.8 (likely also in 1223+)
  • LibreOffice 6.0
  • Poppler 0.62.0 (as soon as LibreOffice builds with it)
  • YaST’s libstorage-ng implementation

As you know, all of those things are always delivered to you as ‘packages’. You might not be able to unwrap them like others you might receive in this period, but we certainly hope they bring you as much joy as other packages you receive. I  wish you a happy holiday – and we will bring more gifts your way.