Dear Tumbleweed users and hackers,

Everybody is back from hack week – and it shows. In the last week, Tumbleweed had 5 snapshots released (1117, 1120, 1121, 1122 and 1123). Snapshots 1118 and 1119 were blocked by openQA as our autofs / NFS tests failed. Turned out to be an (intentional) change in the kernel. Once the issue was understood, the test was quickly adjusted to the new behavior and 1120 could be released without delays (if you’re interested, this was processed in bug 068916).

The five snapshots brought these updates:

  • Linux kernel 4.14.0
  • xfsprogs4.13.1 (upgraded from 4.9.0)
  • More work towards the goal of making /var a separate btrfs volume, simplifying the volume layout
  • Mono 5.4.1
  • Java 1.7.0 OpenJDK has been removed as announced

Many things mentioned last week in the ‘forging’ section are still work in progress:

  • Linux kernel 4.14.1 (snapshot 1124) and 4.14.2 (staged)
  • SCons changes to use python3 as its interpreter
  • PostgreSQL 10 to appear (just received a new set today, currently testing)
  • openSSL 1.1 as default for the distro (Amarok needs help/love)
  • YaST/Storage-NG
  • Tumbleweed will move its suse_version from 1330 to 1550 by Dec 1st, 2017.