Dear Tumbleweed users and hackers,

Last week I slacked and missed to post the review. I will cover both weeks now, covering the snapshots 0126, 0128, 0130 and the just to be released 0203. As you already see from the number of snapshots, we had a lower pace than we’re used to – it was 4 snapshots in 1 week, now it’s in 2 weeks. Reasons for that are mostly that OBS seems to have quite some trouble in churning packages. Despite there being a queue, a lot of workers were idle. On PPC64LE it even seems as if the queue is not getting any smaller at all.

So, what did those 4 snapshots bring us (are just about to bring us):

  • KDE Applications 15.12.1, as promised. It should be complete.
  • KDEPIM5 is now set as default in the patterns
  • Systemd 228 (in snapshot 0203). NOTE: we have seen some cases where the network intarfaces change between predictable and persistent names, notably when updating from 13.2 to TW. Be aware of this when updating.
  • The CD Images can be written to USB again and are bootable. The defective driver has been fixed.
  • PulseAudio 8.0

Quite some changes… and more currently living in stagings. The main points there being:

With all those exciting news I wish you happy hacking on the weekend!