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  • openSUSE Tumbleweed – Review of the Week 2016/42

    Posted on October 21st, 2016 Dominique Leuenberger 3 comments

    Dear Tumbleweed users and hackers,

    This was week 42 – The openSUSE LEAP week of the Year. It can’t be a co-incidence that the Release Candidate 1 was announced in Week 42, on the 2nd day (42.2 – European counting, we start our week on Monday, not on Sunday).

    But also in Tumbleweed things are not standing still: of course many of the things are well in line with what Leap received (like for example Plasma updates), but Tumbleweed rolls at a different pace ahead of the game.

    So, this week we delivered these noteworthy updates in four snapshots (1013, 1014, 1018 and 1019):

    • KDE Applications 16.08.2
    • KDE Plasma 5.8.1
    • GNOME 3.22.1
    • Boost 1.62

    On the side of what you will be receiving soon, things are also moving:

    • Kernel 4.8.2 – in snapshot 1020+
    • linux-glibc-devel 4.8: only one more build failure (lirc)
    • Bash 4.4: the dracut issue remains
    • KDE Plasma 5.8.2 is lined up
    • Kernel 4.8.3 – likely in snapshot 1021+

    Keep on running Tumbleweed, keep on testing Leap 42.2 – help ensure that bugs you find in one of the two are also fixed in the other.

  • openSUSE Tumbleweed – Review of the Week 2016/41

    Posted on October 14th, 2016 Dominique Leuenberger 2 comments

    Dear Tumbleweed users and hackers,

    Even though Tumbleweed did not have any snapshots that needed to be cancelled this week, we only got two snapshots out (1006 and 1010). Or, wording this positively: we released twice as many snapshots as last week. It’s not all that dark though: quite some human resources seem to have shifted to Leap 42.2.

    The snapshots delivered these interesting updates:

    • KDE Plasma 5.8.0
    • Kernel 4.7.8
    • LXQt 0.11.0
    • Freetpe 2.7 – some people say it’s better, some say it’s worse
    • Mozilla Thunderbird 45.4.0
    • Postgresql 9.5

    Pretty much what was promised last week. The things that are still pending are:

    • Bash 4.4 – Nobody touched dracut yet
    • Kernel 4.8 – boo#1003623
    • linux-glibc-devel 4.8: 4 build fails to be addressed
    • KDE Plasma 5.8.1
    • KDE Applications 16.08.2
    • Boost 1.62.0 – So far it looks like a positive surprise: no issues seen yet

    Let’s see if next week the pace can be doubled again (to the regular 4 snapshots)