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  • GNOME 3.8 for openSUSE 12.3 – Call for Testers

    Posted on April 10th, 2013 Dominique Leuenberger 9 comments

    Hi all,

    As some of you certainly already know, we are working hard to push GNOME 3.8 as an addon repository to you.
    All should be ready and a ‘test’ repository is in place (for brave souls!).

    The gnome team conducted several tests so far and this seemed to work all just fine…. but it is limited testing.

    Do you want to test some more? Feel free, let us know of issues!

    how: (as root)
    zypper patch (Make sure ot be up-to-date first...)
    zypper ar -f http://download.opensuse.org/repositories/home:/dimstar:/broken/openSUSE_12.3 GS38
    zypper dup --from GS38 (preferably from a pure root tty login - you never know)

    That should be it!

    If all goes well, you should not see any odd dependency questions (if you do, please let me know.. I’d want to eliminate them as much as possible).

    Thanks for your tests! The more brave people tests, the higher the quality of the repository can get.

    Have a lot of fun! And happy GNOME 3.8-ing 🙂


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    • Eliasse Diaite

      Hi Do,

      It works. I am using your repository as recommended for the test. I used YaST for the update and nothing has been deleted. Howerer, YaST did not pick the right version of GTK3 at the beginning and to do that manually. Several branding packages have been downgraded from the distribution to the repository.

      That is up to now all what I noticed. Once again, thanks a lot for the job been done.

      openSUSE is unbreakable. Have a lot of fun…

    • Works fine on MacbookAir5,2 running oS 12.3 + Kernel 3.8.6 + GS38 + Packman.

      One branding package of oS 12.2 (where did that came from?) needed conflict solving by uninstalling it otherwise dependencies were just fine.

      As usual, great work.

    • Hi,

      you are a little bit ‘special’ in this respect as you have been running GNOME:Factory on top of your 12.3 setup; something that obviously worked, but we can not consider it an expected ‘intermediate’ step from 12.3;

      GNOME:Factory targets openSUSE:Factory as base…

      But, as you got over the issues anyway, I’m glad to have you on GNOME 3.8 as well now!

    • Hi,

      I have several issues after switching to 3.8 from your repository:

      1. Gnome-documents won’t start. It shows the following error message:
      tomek@linux-1fbp:~> gnome-documents
      JS ERROR: !!! Exception was: Error: Requiring WebKit, version none: Requiring namespace ‘Gtk’ version ‘2.0’, but ‘3.0’ is already loaded
      JS ERROR: !!! message = ‘”Requiring WebKit, version none: Requiring namespace ‘Gtk’ version ‘2.0’, but ‘3.0’ is already loaded”‘
      JS ERROR: !!! fileName = ‘”/usr/share/gnome-documents/js/edit.js”‘
      JS ERROR: !!! lineNumber = ’20’
      JS ERROR: !!! stack = ‘”@/usr/share/gnome-documents/js/edit.js:20

      2. Gnome-sudoku won’t start. It prints the following message:
      e = number_box.SudokuNumberBox(upper = self.group_size)
      File “/usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages/gnome_sudoku/number_box.py”, line 133, in __init__
      self.set_property(‘events’, Gdk.EventMask.ALL_EVENTS_MASK)
      NotImplementedError: Setting properties of type ‘GdkEventMask’ is not implemented

      3. Firefox doesn’t start. Error message is:
      (firefox:4540): GLib-GIO-ERROR **: Settings schema ‘org.freedesktop.Tracker.FTS’ does not contain a key named ‘min-word-length’
      Pułapka debuggera/breakpoint

      4. Some elements of gnome-shell are not translated (“Type to search” in application launcher, “Frequent” at the bottom of application launcher).

    • I also found that Liferea is crashing on startup, but I’m not sure if it wasn’t like that before upgrading.

      (liferea:7500): GLib-GObject-CRITICAL **: g_param_spec_internal: assertion `!(flags & G_PARAM_STATIC_NAME) || is_canonical (name)’ failed
      Naruszenie ochrony pamięci

    • Tomasz,

      thanks for your reports! Very much appreciated.

      1) Please install typelib-1_0-WebKit-3_0 => I will ensure this gets added as a dependency
      2) Odd… sounds like some odd lib did not get updated.. I will try to reproduce
      3) Has been reported and the fix is building. As a short term workaround, you can: zypper rm “*tracker*0_14*”
      4) make sure you install gnome-shell-lang and various other -lang packages. Currently, you probably have some bundle-lang-gnome-xx installed, which satisfies the dependencies for gnome-shell, but misses translations.

      If you have a chance, please feel free to meet with us on IRC #opensuse-gnome @ irc.freenode.net

    • Dustin Falgout

      I sure wish I would have found this thread yesterday.. I’m just about out of the woods now though. I did a ‘dup’ with dimstar repo when it was built because I just had to have the latest update and couldnt wait two more days LOL..so yeah, obviously that broke my system and I spent a day trying to fix it instead of just reverting back (that’s how you learn, right? Lol) I did get it unbroken yesterday although I still had a lot of random issues. When I saw the announcement that the stable repo was published, I jumped on and fired up another ‘dup’…..to the Tumbleweed:Gnome repo! I copy and pasted and I guess my fingers went to fast. So as we speak I’m downloading yet another 500 or so packages, but the correct ones this time. Anyway, just thought I’d share and that my experience would bring a chuckle or two.. Maybe even help a few people who knows. I will let you know how it ends up, still 136 packages to go. Thanks for all that you guys do to make openSUSE the best distribution out there!

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