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  • Compiz 0.9.0 submitted to Factory

    Posted on July 21st, 2010 Dominique Leuenberger 7 comments

    As you already know, Compiz 0.9.0 has been released a while back. Due to the freeze of Factory, the repositories were not updated and also, for 11.3, this version of Compiz would have been too immature.

    But now as Factory is open again and we all have our systems updated to openSUSE 11.3, we’re ready to break Factory again (hopefully not). I just submitted the Compiz 0.9.0 stack to X11:Compiz and openSUSE:Factory, where they will hopefully land soon.

    Publishing of X11:Compiz has been disabled for all distributions except openSUSE:Factory, meaning that the last 0.8.6 packages will remain there for all others. This mainly to give you the chance to change your repo configuration to use X11:Compiz:Compiz-0.8, which will be kept around to maintain the 0.8 bugfix tree packages.

    Looking forward to all the bug reports that will be flying by.


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    • Why not have a different repository for compiz 0.9.0 altogether, and publish builds for 11.2/11.3 in them too? I don’t know if this is true in general, but I would find it much easier to test the compiz 0.9.0 packages on an 11.3 system that I have just installed without having to jump to factory immediately, what with factory being in a flux state for the next few months at least.


    • The devel repository for Compiz is and has been for a long time obs://X11:Compiz. In my last post about Compiz 0.9.0 release I mentioned that, as Factory and thus the devel projects are frozen, Compiz 0.9.0 was temporarly developped in obs://X11:Compiz:Next. So all what you’re asking for is already in place I think, right?

    • Okay, but still no 11.3 repo in compiz:next, is it okay to use the factory repo there on 11.3?

    • I’m waiting for Compiz 0.9.0 for OS 11.3 …. Can i use Factory repo??

    • The new 0.9 packages in obs://X11:/Compiz/openSUSE_11.3/ doesn’t work on my 11.3 installation – I have to switch back to the 0.8 version from the dist repo.
      What about a Compiz-0.8 repo?

    • Please be more specific than ‘does not work’.
      As for Compiz 0.8: there is no need: the packages are included in the main repositories; why duplicating them?

    • After upgrade to 0.9 the screen flickers on compiz start and switched back to metacity (directly after login). If I restart compiz in the running X session the whole X server restarts and goes back to the login screen.
      I have checked the Xorg log and the .xsession-errors – are there any verbose options?.
      I started compiz via compiz-manager and via compiz direct – no difference.
      I think the problem is my graphics card (ATI Radeon 2400 XT). I have tried fglrx (added to the compiz-manager whitelist) and radeon with 0.9, both with the same result.
      Also there is no emerald in 0.9 (I know its unsupported and a replacement is on the way).
      I can temporary switch back to 0.9 and give you more information, if you tell me what logs/output you need, but don’t ask me to check this with the radeon driver – changing from fglrx to radeon is the hell and the radeon driver are not an option for me at the moment.

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